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Sometimes a metal carport or steel carport owner only needs one for just one vehicle. Other times, perhaps for a family with multiple drivers, a carport fitting only one car isn’t acceptable. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from when searching for metal or steel carports.
When starting your search, be sure to find a dealer who’s capable of meeting your requirements, whether it’s a carport for two, three, four or more vehicles. Plus, with flexibility in size, you can consider storing and protecting other property such as boats, trucks and more.
The good news – these durable buildings, especially when constructed from metal or steel, can handle rough winds, rain, hail and more. Don’t just store your property, but rest assured your vehicles are protected from the elements.
Steel or metal buildings and carports are more reliable in high-wind environments and could save you from potential damage down the road, so keep this in mind as you begin to shop for a carport.
Requires Only A 10% Partial Payment To Order.
Balance Only Paid After Installation.
We Accept ONLY 10% DOWN!!!THAT IS RIGHT 10%. PAY THE BALANCE WHEN WE COME AND INSTALL YOUR NEW BUILDING AND YOU ARE SATISFIED AND HAPPY!!!!!! Choose a style above to get started. First for central Louisiana over 17,000 styles. A metal building company with a A+ Better business rating for quality and service.The only one in the United States with this distinction. From carports to commercial buildings.We also take tremendous pride in providing the best customer service, assembly & installation, and our industry leading Rent-To-Own services and credit approved financing options make it easy for you to own a renowned R&B design
We all know the rising popularity of carports these days.
Customers are finding the advantages of installing a carport can greatly outweigh the construction of a new garage, for example.
Advantages such as ease of design, cost, and quickness of installation come to mind, among others.
But as far as quickness of installation is concerned, many consumers are finding that while they may design, order and purchase a new carport with one company, a crew of sub-contractors from another company will often arrive on site when it’s time to erect the carport.
And this presents of host of inevitable problems – such as crews overextending themselves with too many installations and rushing through a build, not having loyalty to the reputation or integrity of the company they’re installing for, and just doing a hasty, shoddy and sub-par job in general.
While every carport manufacturer boasts of its quality and service, R&B Metal Structures can actually back this up as the only major carport manufacturer in the United States with a perfect A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
And a big reason for this consumer confidence in AMERICAN STEEL CARPORTS because of its installation process, which is always handled by in-house company crews, and not sub-contractors.
“We take great pride in our ‘family owned and American made’ mission statement,” says CFO Benjamin Giovannetti, “and customers know that when our crews arrive on site for installation, they’re getting just that – our crews.”

“Too many of our competitors are focused on quantity over quality,” he notes.  “Not us.  We treat every customer as if it’s our own customer, and a testimony to this is our perfect Better Business Bureau rating.  All we’ve got is our reputation.”
And AMERICAN STEEL CARPORTS is more than just carports.  In fact, the company offers one of the widest selection of metal structures in the United States, including barns, storage buildings, utility/combo buildings, industrial buildings and more.
With ALL installations of these various structures, you get a crew with “AMERICAN STEEL CARPORTS” emblazoned on their shirts – because that’s who they work for.
And that’s a rare thing in this business these days.
AMERICAN STEEL also offers 14 AND 12 GAUGE METAL KNOWONE ELSE DOES 2 1/2 INCH WIDE POSTS ALL THE BRACES INCLUDED NO CHARGE!!!! skylights and electric roll up doors, a first for central Louisiana. You deserve the best metal structure company.
We also offer a variety of options with our Standard Size Carports. Additional height is available for the legs, up to 12' high. You should consider purchasing additional panels down the side of your carport to keep the blowing rain off of your vehicles or equipment. We also offer ground installation anchors for wind certification if not anchored to concrete, and 12 Gauge frame for higher wind and snow load.
Metal structures make excellent garages, sheds, carports, canopies, barn lean to, carport covers, shelters, boat canopy covers, shed garage kits, RV covers, barn storage buildings, sheet metal buildings, metal sheds kits, and much more.
* Free Installation and Anchoring to your Level Ground, Asphalt, or Concrete Slab. Plus Local Sales Tax Only.  Call for quotes in other states.
The Hunt for the Perfect Metal Structure is Over WE MAKE HUNTING BLINDS ALSO!!!!

hunting blind

.Are you finding that your search for a metal structure is becoming more and more difficult? Especially for one that is dependable, customizable and constructed with top quality steel? Searching for a metal structure shouldn’t be like climbing Everest or swimming across the English Channel. In fact, finding a metal structure, like a carport or garage, is easier than you think. You don’t have to even leave this website. Your search is finally over.
AMERICAN STEEL CARPORTS has been manufacturing metal buildings for over 10 years. During the past decade, we have been engineering and perfecting our structures so we can provide the most dependable structures to our customers. In the last decade alone we’ve installed over 70,000 metal structures. That’s over 7,000 a year! With AMERICAN STEEL, you’re getting a product that is designed and manufactured completely in-house, then installed by company crews, thus ensuring the most reliable and highest quality.
Are you on the hunt for that perfect barn, carport, or garage? Or what about an RV cover, boat cover, or agricultural cover? Look no further! Call, HaycoEzzzYBuYBuildings Inc.stop by Haycobuildings.com318-794-9392 0r 318-792-4408 design your dream structure!ONLY 10 PERCENT DOWN!!!!!!!!

We manufacture the highest quality metal:
Over the past decade, AMERICAN STEEL CARPORTS has designed, built and installed more than 70,000 units, and our stellar quality and service has earned us a perfect A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  We’re the only major carport manufacturer in the USA with this distinction!

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